WIGS 101

Do you want to start wearing wigs but not sure where to start? Does all the different options confuse? If this is you sit back, relax and let me break this down for you. For one you have to get comfortable with your weave and your wigs. This is not the 90s. Weave is not taboo. Weave is a heaven sent do you hear me?? Ok now that we have that out the way lets dive into it. 


Let's start with Upart Wigs. Upart Wigs are the closest to a traditional sew in. The tracks are sewn to the cap with section left out in the shape of an U for your leave out. Hence the name U-PART. These can be sewn down or you can attach them with clips/combs. I suggest these if you still want to keep it simple but are over the hassle of sew ins. 

Next, we are entering the world of lace and moving on to closure wigs. Closures are typically 4 inches x 4 inches, Giving you just enough room for parting. However, a lot of hair companies are starting to offer larger closures for more versatility. Larger closures are usually 6 inches x 6 inches or 8 inches x 8 inches. These are great for those who want more styling flexibility but not ready for frontals or lace wigs. Or simply if you just want something with less maintenance.  


Finally, we have lace wigs. You have full lace wigs, lace front wigs and frontal wigs. Full lace wigs are exactly what they sound like. The wig is made of all lace and every strand of hair in ventilated through. They come in different densities (thickness), the most common one you’ll see is 150% density. This wig type has the most versatility but its usually the thinnest. Lace front wigs are really similar to full lace but the lace is only in the front. The rest of the hair is attached to a wig cap. The only difference with custom frontal wigs is that someone is making it custom to your head size and preferences. With this option you add as many bundles as many bundles as you like making it as thick as you like.


This is intended as just a guide for the many wig options available. Not every wig option may have been mentioned. Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any. 


As always.



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