• WIGS 101

    WIGS 101
    Do you want to start wearing wigs but not sure where to start? Does all the different options confuse? If this is you sit back, relax and let me break this down for you. For one you have to get comfortable with your weave and your wigs. This is not the 90s. Weave is not taboo. Weave is a heaven sent do you hear...
  • Do I Need A Closure?

    Do I Need A Closure?
    Many clients ask if Giovanni prefers a leave out or closure. Here we list a few facts that'll hopefully help you decide which option is best for you!  Do I need a closure? What is a closure and why would I use it for my sew-in? A closure is typically used with a full sew-in.  Closures are typically lace hair pieces. They are placed at the...
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