Soul Food & Eye Candy

Soul Food and Eye Candy. Eye Candy and Soul Food. I know as women the masses tries to push this narrative of having to choose or highlighting being "soulfood" over eye candy. Buuuuuut where in the by laws does it say you cant be both? Why cant I feed your soul and your eyes? Is it really that frowned upon to look good, know you look good and flaunt it? Is that the world we live in? Cause baby let me tell you... I look tf good and I like looking good. Cant nobody tell me otherwise or make me feel different. Shout out to Moms for that one because self esteem is one thing she instilled in me. 
Soul Food and Eye Candy is all about being the best version of you. Inside and out. Vibrate so high that your energy is felt the moment you walk into a room. Be so good for other people that their soul literally craves you, your vibe, your energy, your knowledge. Make people want you around them. And look good while doing it. *wink*


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