Do I Need A Closure?

Many clients ask if Giovanni prefers a leave out or closure. Here we list a few facts that'll hopefully help you decide which option is best for you! 
Do I need a closure?
What is a closure and why would I use it for my sew-in? A closure is typically used with a full sew-in.  Closures are typically lace hair pieces. They are placed at the top of the head and the purpose is to close off the style. Closures, installed correctly, give you a natural look that lasts for at least six weeks. Closures also keep the hair protected and help you to avoid heat damage on your hair. Using a closure also prevents you from relaxing your hair or having to dye it to match the weave. By using a closure that is the same texture and color as the weave you’re using, the hair blends effortlessly and is much easier to maintain. Closures give you the freedom to try different hairstyles and colors without damaging your own hair.
So, I shouldn't leave my hair out? 
Leave out is an option for sew-in hairstyles. However, many times women relax, dye or use a lot of heat on their hair when it’s left out. This can create heat damage and make the hair brittle and thin by coloring it and relaxing too often. Blending your hair with the weave can be difficult if it is not the same texture, which leads to overusing heat, color and relaxing the hair. If you take care of your hair, your leave out should not be damaged but if you’re looking for an easier and safer choice for your hair, a closure is the way to go.The options you get from using a closure make them an easy choice. Not sure where to get your hair or closure from? Check out our website at for ISREALglam hair and closures. 
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